How to Choose the Best Dog Bed

Yorkshire terrier in luxury dog bed

Dogs have always been much-loved family members – mostly – and as such they deserve to have a comfortable place to rest their weary heads just as much as we do.

The dog bed manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact of our devotion to our pooches and have taken full advantage, meaning that the choice is between low-quality rubbish that you wouldn’t use as a doormat and top-notch beds that you’d happily spend a night on yourself. So before you commit your hard-earned cash to your dog’s sleeping arrangements you might want to read on.

What should you consider when looking for the ideal dog bed ?

Size – dogs come in all shapes and sizes and so it is important to get one that is big enough for them to stretch out but not so big as it will not feel cosy and secure.  Read our advice on dog bed sizes.

Type – there are so many different types of dog beds on the market, like cave or igloo beds for timid dogs to raised beds that may suit dogs who sleep outside to keep them off the cold floor.  For a comprehensive look at the different types click here.

Material –  Dog beds come in all materials from plastic to luxury velvet to memory foam for older dogs with joint problems.  It is a good idea to think about where you are going to locate your dog bed, the personality of your dog and possibly even whether the bed is the right colour to match your interior design!!  We like our dogs will all have individual preferences.  Take a look at our advice page about dog bed materials.

Brand / Best places to buy dog beds – the team at Dog Bed Advisor have tested dog beds from a wide range of retailers.  Take a look at our reviews by brand to find out which are the most durable / waterproof / comfy and would best suit your dog.


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