Dog Bed Brands and Shops

There are so many retailers of dog beds to choose from – large and small, high street or online – that it can be hard to know which is best. Whether you are looking for the best quality dog beds or simply value for money, or even both, read on to get all the information you need.  

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Many of us nowadays love the convenience of online shopping. Why should you trudge around town and at the end of the day have only aching feet to show for your efforts when instead you could settle down with a cuppa and a biscuit (or three) in front of the laptop.  On top of that, most stores don’t actually stock dog beds on the high street. Online, you’ll find that trusted retailers such as John Lewis and Joules have a good range of very good quality dog beds. Amazon and EBay of course are often the first port of call and why not when you can find anything and everything there? The EBay dog beds page is jammed full of inexpensive dog beds of all types from the very simplest of cushion types to an igloo dog bed for dogs that love to burrow. 3Peaks dog beds are retailed through both EBay and Amazon as are Petface dog beds.

Turn to peruse Amazon UK dog beds and you will find an absolutely bewildering range of bedding choices for your pooch. Of course the big advantages of buying from the internet giants are price, because they are frequently cheaper than anywhere else and fast delivery options, although sometimes returning the products can be more difficult than the stores with a high-street presence which allow you to drop them back in for free if it’s convenient for you.  All you need to do once you have placed your order is wait for the delivery van. Just make sure you’re in when it arrives!

There are Other Dog Bed Brands Too!

It’s often worth taking a look at the smaller and maybe lesser-known names such as Orvis dog beds, Petface (also available at Argos) or Gor Pets dog beds to name just a few of the many specialist manufacturers out there. Many of these are small or family-run businesses and can offer more individualised products with good customer service.  If you decide on a Danish Design dog bed, don’t worry it’s not sent all the way from Denmark; it’s another UK based company from Yorkshire but just run by Danish designers (hence the name!), and available to buy online through Wayfair. The lesser-known names are often the place to go for a more personalised product. Pets & Leisure (P & L Dog Beds) is another name you may not know but which offers UK-made products.

Want Something Different?

The big name stores generally have the same or similar offerings when it comes to purchases for your pooch, but if you’re looking for something a little different like a steel frame dog bed for instance or something more individually tailored for your dog then consider the more specialised companies. US-based Orvis for example know a thing or two about naughty dogs who like to chew, shred and destroy and if yours falls into this category the Orvis dog beds are expensive but are sold through Amazon and may be the answer to your dreams, they’ll give you a long guarantee and a personalised bed too if that’s what you want.

Casper, makers of a Which? Best Buy 2018 mattress also offer a luxury memory foam dog bed, perfect for the older dog looking for comfort and support.

For the More Discerning Pooch

Barbour is a name long established as the go-to brand for country-dwellers and you won’t be surprised to learn that a Barbour dog bed is to be found next to many an Aga. Sold through John Lewis, they have a good range and returns policy and also sell the classic English country look beds like Sophie Allport dog beds too.  Wainwrights dog beds are good quality and look good in most sitting rooms, while if you’d like your dog bed to be decorative as well as practical then you may want to take a look at a Joules dog bed. A Scruffs dog bed is despite the name, not just for scruffs! Without exception all the names we have so far mentioned can be bought online – see retailer logos below,  go to our ‘Best Places to Buy Dog Beds’ page, or go through our reviews.

Help the RSPCA  

Organisations like the RSPCA which were set up to help animals of all kinds need all the help and support they can get. If you have never considered them as a retailer then think again because you can now access all sorts of services from them including dog beds and accessories. So when you buy an RSPCA dog bed you can have the satisfaction of knowing that not only are you helping your best friend to get a good night’s sleep you are also doing your bit to help animals in need.  Some RSPCA products can be found at Pets at Home.

Whether Travelling or Sleeping

Our dogs are as individual as we are and so are their, and our, requirements when it comes to managing your dog’s comfort. Whether you are looking for washable dog beds, chew-proof dog beds or even dog beds for cars, our extensive and personal reviews are here to help you in your search.

When your dog is a valued and much-loved member of the family he or she deserves to have the best and most comfortable bed you can buy. At the same time you have not only your budget to think of but the dog’s bed has to fit in with your home decor. This is why we want to save you time and money and help you make your choice. Our comprehensive reviews of dog beds by retailer, made by people who have bought and tested dog beds from the vast choice that there is out there, are designed to help you to decide.

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