Medium Dog Bed reviews

Our dogs come in all shapes and sizes and many of them will be described as medium sized. Examples can be as diverse as English Bulldogs, Beagles or Spaniels. All of these very different breeds may be of a similar size but that doesn’t mean that the same type of dog bed will suit them all. A Spaniel may take up more room than a Beagle so a standard medium size (26”) may be snug for the Spaniel but too roomy for the Beagle. When searching through the vast choice of medium dog beds to find one for your precious pooch you may find it helpful to be able to read about what other dog owners have said about dog beds they’ve already bought. Our reviews come from real people who share their experiences on buying a dog bed, and on their dogs’ experience of using the bed, to help you make an informed decision on what exactly you can get for your money and what the pros and cons of each dog bed are.  Reviews of some of the best dog beds by size and breed can be found here.