Danish Design Arctic Snuggle Dog Bed Review

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Final Thoughts

A cosy, snuggly and attractive grey dog bed. Certainly a hit with our pooch!

Overall Score 5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Mark

Looking for a cosy dog bed that can make an anxious dog feel safe and secure?  This could be your answer.  We got this Danish Design dog bed for our anxious cockapoo who cannot cope when my wife is out of sight. She is 5 years old now but things have definitely got worse since lockdown when she had our constant attention.  Although, a new dog bed hasn’t been a miracle cure, it has certainly helped a little bit as she is happy to curl up in it and have a snooze rather than using the sofa!!  I’m not too surprised she likes it as it is really lovely and soft. As it is quite light and squishy, it is easy to pick up and move rooms (when my wife does) and it would be a good option for travelling for the same reasons.  The dog bed looks nicer than the 100% polyester label suggests.  The fake fur is not only soft but looks particularly cosy and warm.  Our pooch definitely likes to snuggle down as the bed name suggests.  It has a non slip base too and I believe it is machine washable.  Overall, a hit for us and not a bad price either.  Our dog is past the chewing stage but I would probably not buy this if she was a puppy as I’m not sure it would withstand the wear and tear.

Available from John Lewis in medium and large sizes, we opted for the medium and it was big enough.  Our cockapoo is small though, so any dog of cocker spaniel or larger would need to size up.


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