Gor Pets Nordic Hooded Bed Review

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Final Thoughts

A good quality, cosy igloo bed for a small dog.

Overall Score 4
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Louise

The Gor Pets Nordic Hooded Bed is a dog bed in a new range from Gor Pets designed to keep your dog or cat cosy and warm this winter.  The Hooded bed feels a bit like a mocassin slipper – soft on the outside and warm and furry inside.  The bed does come in 3 different sizes but is really only suitable for small / toy breed dogs and cats.  It is a lovely option for a timid dog who needs to feel safe and secure.  It is well made although not a luxury dog bed and due to it’s size and neutral appearance could be moved from room to room to keep your pet closeby.

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