Gor pets Nordic snuggle Dog Bed Review

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Final Thoughts

A lovely, snuggly & warm dog bed for small to medium breeds.

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Charlie

The Gor pets snuggle bed Nordic is a standard shape oval brown dog bed with a soft and fluffy cream inner fabric. It reminds me of a sheepskin jacket although the dog bed is made of synthetic materials.  It looks really warm and is great now winter has arrived.   My dog seems to love it and finds it nice and soft and snuggly. She dives in and then falls asleep with her head resting on the soft sides.  My main concern with this bed is how long it will last, in the past I have found these softer type of beds feel gorgeous at first but don’t fare well and within 6 months I am having to chuck them out, half chewed with filling all over the place.  My girl does seem to love them though and so we persevere in the hope that this one will be the long-lasting dog bed.  We have tried the less cosy more robust mattresses but she ends up on the sofa in protest!  One great thing about this dog bed is it is machine washable (at 40 degrees) and so that should help it look better for longer.   The base is non slip too, so no sliding around the kitchen.  I would recommend this dog bed for a small to medium breed who isn’t prone to chewing.  Even the Xlarge size of this dog bed did not look big enough for a large breed and I think they would need something more robust.  

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