Gor Pets Ultima dog bed review

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Final Thoughts

A dog bed built to last. Practical and inexpensive for the quality.

Overall Score 5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Louise

This is a very stable, sturdy bed with a full cushion – is excellent quality and great value for money.   

There are 4 different types of beds in the range:  2 are more snuggly, with water repellent canvas outers and soft fur fleece inners  – these ones are the grey and the beige (the beige one looks and feels like a pair of Ugg boots- except washable and definitely cheaper!).

The tougher and more hardy Ultima dog beds are in dark green and navy, with a nylon, wipe-clean gortex type fabric on outer and inner.  See the picture below for more help.  All are available with free delivery within 48 hours from Ebay.

So what do I think of the bed?   It’s a well-made bed which has sides which don’t flop and give your dog lots of support for lounging.  According to Gorpet the manufacturers, the bed has got four different layers: a tightly packed, dense foam centre making it more solid surrounded by a softer layer of foam with ‘bonded fibre’ wrapped around it, then a polycotton inner cover – removable for washing and finally a tough quality fabric outer.  The base too, compared with many dog beds I’ve tested at a similar price is much better quality material – there’s no way this can be scratched up by even the most determined dog, so no disintegration or holes. The seams are well-stitched; can’t imagine these coming apart.  

If you’ve got a dribbly or messy dog, a puppy prone to accidents or you want a tough bed to go in the back of the car after muddy walks, I would recommend this dog bed for sure.  Although the material itself is water-repellent / resistant the bed is thoroughly washable too – and at 40 degrees, where many beds are only washable at 30 degrees. You can remove the cushion, and remove all the covers and wash them as well as being able to wash the foam inserts – impressive.

For me, the navy and green are definitely the all-weather, tougher options.  I’d want to put a blanket in there on top of the cushion to make it a little more comfortable for my dog.  The grey or the beige for me are the perfect dog bed – seriously sturdy, seriously long-lasting.  Their slogan is: ‘Ultima – made to last’ which feels true but there’s the option of having the soft fleecy material inside, so the best of all possible worlds in my opinion. 

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Gorpets Ultima dog bed range from Ebay

Gorpets Ultima dog bed range from Ebay

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