Joules Dog Print Box Dog Bed Review

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Attractive, comfortable and hard-wearing. What's not to like ?!

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Louise

My rescue dog, Bruno and I were introduced to this bed when I recently looked after my friend’s dog, Margot.  Lucky Margot turned up with 2 dog beds – this one for the day time, the Joules Dog Print Box Dog Bed and for the night time, the Joules Floral Box Pet bed.  The reason for two from the same brand and shape are that the bottom cushions are interchangeable plus Margot and her owner love them both!!

This dog bed is a gorgeous design with a cute dog print.  It is great for use during the day time when your dog is more active as it is made from hard wearing, strong fabric.  It does still feel quite soft and luxurious though, testament to the good quality of the bed.  Margot is a young mixed breed rescue and I feel this bed is particlarly good for young dogs who want the security of a cosy bed but are still prone to chewing as it is pretty robust.  I’m sure it would be perfectly good as a snug, night time bed too, if you don’t have the space or budget for multiple beds.

The cover is water resistant which is handy if your dog manages to get to their bed before drying off after a walk or a bath.  It is also machine washable on a 30 degree, gentle cycle but make sure you don’t pop it in the tumble dryer as it may shrink! The inner cushion is reversible with one side being water resistant and the other cosy.  A non slip base to prevent sliding whilst your pet jiggles about is another useful feature, especially if you have tiled floors like us. 

Available in 3 sizes (see below) from John Lewis.  Bruno and I are sold on it!

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