Joules Slumber Pet Bed review

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Final Thoughts

A well made, robust and washable dog bed.

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Susannah

The Joules Slumber Pet Bed  is great for dirty dogs! It is very washable and is made from water repellent fabric.  It looks good too and nicely keeps its oval shape. 


I bought the small grey version of the Joules Slumber bed as it went well with our decor but it also comes in an equally attractive navy fabric.

I felt it was a more rigid shape than the other dog beds we have tried from Joules – certainly less squashable! I did find though that the rigid sides although offering a feeling of being safe and secure, do slightly restrain your dog from stretching out. I would be more concerned about this with a large dog or one with joint problems than a smaller breed.  Like us, it does really depend how your dog sleeps, as to whether this will be comfortable for them.   It is a really well made dog bed though.  The fabric on the base of the bed is great – anti slip and waterproof thick material. The cushion is very full and there is a zip off cover on the bed itself, meaning it is entirely washable. With a 40 degree machine wash it is as good as new, although dog hair can also be just dusted off if a proper wash isn’t necessary. I would highly recommend this dog bed (cat bed) as I love the design, the very plump bedding and that fact it is incredibly easy to clean. I ordered online and it arrived within 3 days with no issues.

This pet bed comes in 3 sizes: Small  56x46x20cm ; Medium 68x54x23cm ; Large 81x64x27cm


Not currently available