Joules Travel Nap Pet Mat review

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Final Thoughts

An attractive, well made pet travel mat. Not very big though.

Overall Score 3.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Susie

I bought this travel mat for the boot of the car and so I opted for the tartan design as it is classic and in a dark serge green which is a very practical colour. The Joules travel nap pet mat does also come in a ‘prettier’ grey design with coloured dogs on though.   I like the trademark Joules logo on both in leather / suede is a nice classy touch.

For me, this is an attractive, well made mat /liner, the fleece side is nice and warm but it isn’t really something that would double up as a bed just useful in the car.  Plenty of thought has gone in to the design though and the mat is divided up into 12 stitched pockets, so the filling is evenly distributed and will last longer.  The stitching is very neat as well.  The Integral handles make it easy to carry but I was surprised that there wasn’t a popper or piece of velcro to stick the two sides of the mat together when folded – this would have made it even neater and secure to carry around.

The depth of this pet mat is about 3.5cm so it’s not a deep bed at all, but is a reasonably substantial travel mat which is very well made.

Why buy this mat?  It’s well made and washable with the classic Joules / country look.  

Why not? There is only one size which is not suitable for any breed bigger than a working labrador (mat dimensions: 91 x 68 cm).  I think Joules may not be listing this any more as I can’t find it on their website when I looked for this review.   It is available on Ebay though for £26 which is cheaper than the original retail price.



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