ORVIS -Comfortfill Couch Personalised Dog Bed Review

Orvis-Comfortfill-couch-dog-bed Not currently available
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Final Thoughts

Well made, luxury dog bed but comes at a price.

Overall Score 4
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Charlotte

I felt we needed to hi light this dog bed, as my son would say it seems to be the ‘unit’ of the dog bed world.  A big solid bed for a big dog.  If I could convince my husband to spend £229 on another dog bed (when my overweight labrador already has a gorgeous Casper bed) then I would be interested to try this one.  I think it is a direct competitor to the Casper dog bed – a well made, solid dog bed which is great for big, old dogs who need some support.  The main difference is that this Orvis dog bed is filled with springy ‘Comfortfill’ which makes it feel more snuggly, whereas the Casper bed is memory foam which is more supportive.  This Orvis bed has a grey plaid cover with a labrador print which is made of soft, quilted microfibre and has piping along the double bolster edges. It is washable and you can even have the bed personalised with your dog’s name embroidered on the front.  It sounds great but it is really quite pricey, my lab and I look forward to trying it some day soon.

*Price at time of reviewing.

Not currently available