Pet face Cooling Mat

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Final Thoughts

A cheap, easy way to keep your dog cool - if you can get them to lie on it!

Overall Score 4
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Charlotte

The Pet face cooling mat does is a useful addition to your dog’s bed during the hot summer months.  It is relatively cheap, just needs to be popped in the fridge and then place it in your dog’s bed.  It is cool to touch and should bring down your dog’s temperature.  I bought this in the summer to put in my cockapoo’s dog bed.  She is normally quite a bright animal but she would not sit on this despite the soaring temperatures in July and early August.  I’ve no idea why, I can only think that she didn’t like the feel of the plastic mat and so we ended up having to give her a cool bath in the sink most days.  

The mat measures 50 cm length by 40 cm width and worked for our smallish dog but Amazon do sell a larger version.  I think this is a great idea and could be a good investment if we continue to have scorching summers but only if your dog will lie on it!  The mat is also easily wiped clean. 

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