Pets at Home Paw Dog Mattress review

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Final Thoughts

You get what you pay for - It's cheap and big but won't last too long!

Overall Score 3
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Jo

I bought this large dog bed in black from Pets at Home on the advice of a friend for my Shih Tzu, Yorkie and Mini Schnauzer as they all like to sleep on the same bed. It is a standard fabric bed with a fleece cover, inner pad and zip fastening and was purchased from the Pets at Home, Stockport, a few months ago.

Size and durability are my main concerns when buying a dog bed as my dogs have a tendency to “mouth” soft furnishings and there needed to be room for all of them! Price was also a big concern as I am on a strict budget. It is quite important for the bed to be easy to clean and colour/appearance has to be ok on the eye! Brand is not important to me as long as it does the job.

I was attracted to the product because of the neutral design and the price which seemed very reasonable for a large sized dog bed. Since getting it home however I have realised that it is not really suitable and am quite disappointed in it and have since bought another. The material inside keeps displacing when my dogs move around which means that there is not a consistent thickness of material to the bed (with there being three of them, any bed I choose does need good padding) and also the quality of the bed is not great – the zip is not sturdy and the stitching is already coming away.

The main advantages of this dog bed is that it is cheap and large and it does have a removable cover and so does the basic job but the disadvantages are that it is not very good quality and not as comfortable for my dogs. Nor does it seem robust enough to last a decent length of time before it would need to be replaced.

Currently available in Medium size for £12 – out of stock in Large.

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