Pets at Home Plastic Tough Dog Bed

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Final Thoughts

Hard-wearing. Good as a base for a dog that chews but remember to also buy a cosy cushion to make it comfortable.

Overall Score 3.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Charlotte

I bought this plastic dog bed from Pets at Home in desperation for an older dog when my puppy had not only destroyed several of her own beds but had then moved on to destroying his.  We ended up using it for 6 months and apart from a few bite marks around the edge, it was pretty indestructible and could have lasted much longer (I just felt bad for my old boy who deserved a new fancy bed after all he had put up with!) The X Large Blue bed was a good size for a large labrador.  He seemed quite happy to curl up in it, although, I did use the inner pad of the 3 peaks Nevis Dog bed to make the bed more cosy and warm.  This was the ‘leftovers’ from a puppy attack and although I think it is essential to line this bed with a comfy cushion, there is no need to buy a whole new bed at this cost (£55) to go inside this plastic bed.  Pets at Home have a good range of cheaper cushions to go in the bed.Or you can go for the ‘deluxe’ version of the Ferplast Siesta plastic dogbed which comes with a comfy cushion and cover.  The bed itself is great, but how chew-resistant this cover and cushion is, we’re not convinced.

As well as being one of the most robust beds available and unofficially a good teething aid for puppies, I would also recommend this bed for dogs who are kept outside.  Although, not the cosiest as a standalone bed, it can be easily hosed down and will keep your dog off of a cold floor.  This type of bed is often used in boarding kennels for this reason.

If you are looking for something attractive and cosy then this probably isn’t for you but it suited our needs for a short period.

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