Sophie Allport Woof Dog Bed

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Final Thoughts

Stylish, cosy and hard-wearing dog bed in beautiful country cottage fabric

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Abigail

I love Sophie Allport’s warm and quirky fabrics so bought this dog bed knowing I would enjoy seeing it in my house as much as my dog Bertie would enjoy sleeping in it. Bertie is an almost two year old terrier cross- about the size of a working cocker spaniel or larger Jack Russell. The bed was perfect when he was younger, but he grew a bit bigger than I expected and he would actually fit better in the medium variety. For his size, the small version of this bed is great when he wants to curl up but not so good when he wants to stretch out.

I bought the bed about 20 months ago from Sophie Allport’s website. The site is easy to use and has several different dog bed designs to choose from. The bed is made of a thick, sturdy, washable cotton with a polyester filling. I have washed it in the machine several times and the stitching has held well. The filling has become a little misshapen though- the machine tends to make it bunch up and give the appearance of shrinkage. Perhaps a slower spin cycle might help stop this.

I currently use this bed in the car so Bert can be cosy on journeys. He tells me the sides of the bed are sufficiently high to ensure he feels cosy. I think I will get at least another two years use out of it but when I do decide it has seen better days, I will replace it with the medium variety in the same fabric as I really do love this bed.


Bertie in his Sophie Allport dog bed


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