The Casper Dog Bed

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Want the best for your dog? The Casper dog bed is a cleverly designed, luxury dog bed.

Overall Score 5
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Reviewed by: Charlotte

We are thrilled that after a 2 year absence from the UK market, we have found this luxury dog bed being sold on Amazon.  3 years with 2 dogs (& a cat) and our Casper dog bed is still going strong without a single tear in it.    A relative who regularly fosters dogs through dogswalkthiswayrescue also agree that they have been through loads of dog beds and nothing matches this one! Well worth the money, a great investment.

Original review of this dog bed:

Our large, grey Casper Dog bed arrived last week and so it is early days but as it is quite different from other dog beds we have tried, I was keen to share our initial thoughts.  For Casper, large means large.  The huge box arrived promptly and although it was a DIY build, the bed was ready for our 35kg ‘show type’ labrador within 10mins.  He is a big, heavy dog but this bed easily takes his weight with no sagging and would leave enough room for another doggy friend to snooze next to him.  The only issue we had is where to put it, as it took up half of our utility room (where our dog usually sleeps).  We’ve settled on the kitchen, as it looks nice enough and he is a sociable chap who likes to be around the family.

The design of this bed has clearly been well thought through – Casper promote that 110 prototypes were developed, 460 hrs of Lab testing took place and 11 months of dog sleep studies were carried out before this dog bed was born. In addition, they have considered: damage control / durability ; effective support for your dog and creating a feeling of a safe place that your dog can feel secure. I haven’t tried the Casper mattress but this sounds like a doggy version which to me is of a far higher standard than your average high street dog bed.  The cover is also easily unzipped (the zip is hidden to prevent chewing) and is machine washable and I have found that the dog hair is easily hoovered up with my handheld vac for a quick clean up.

Now on to Ozzy’s (Lab aged 5yrs) personal experience.  At first, he was nervous and for a day or 2 he would not get on to the bed without being told to.  We now think that was because, for the first year of his life, he had been told to get off the sofa and this memory foam dog bed feels just like one. My daughter has even had a lie down and said it was so comfy she could sleep on it!  He’s not the brightest dog but by day 3, he was happy lounging and spends most of his day snoring and dribbling on his fancy new bed now.  As he is a heavy labrador, a breed prone to hip dysplasia in later life, I am also reassured that he is using this bed as I think it will give him the support he needs.

Casper are so confident that you will love their dog bed, they are offering a 100 night trial with free returns if your dog is not happy.  I’m not really sure how you can prove this – I guess if they won’t get on it? – but it sounds like a pretty fair deal to me, given the initial cost.  This is one of the most expensive dog beds we have ever owned and only time will tell if it is a good, long term investment.

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