The Charley Chau Snuggle Bed review

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Final Thoughts

Stylish, warm and cosy - you'll want to jump in!

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Charlie

This review is based on feedback from a friend, as we haven’t had a chance to try it first hand yet (well, my dog hasn’t anyway!!).  The Charley Chau Snuggle Bed, available at Monster Pet Supplies, is quite different to your standard dog bed but is oh so stylish!  Available in a spotty taupe or larger multi coloured spot design, this is a dog bed you would want to have on show.  A bit like an envelope with a furry inside, this dog bed is great for dogs who like to burrow and hide under blankets.  The manufacturer actually suggests terriers and hounds will particularly love it but my friend’s Jack Russell does too.  As a cat owner, I can see this working for my tom, who likes somewhere cosy and warm for a snooze.  My large labrador would never get in it, he’s not bright enough or agile enough for this lovely dog bed.  So, as lovely as this dog bed is, please do think about whether it would suit them before making the investment.  A timid dog would also love this, as has a protective feel to it and the faux fur inner, feels really cost and warm.

Made in the UK, the inner filling is made with insulating hollow fibre, similar to that used in our pillows.  So I guess if it’s good enough for us to lay our head on, it should work for Fido.

The outer spotty cover is easily removed and can be washed in the machine at home.  If your dog is prone to accidents, you may wish to consider a waterproof mattress liner .

A great innovative product that will suit certain dogs.

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