Vetbed Non-Slip Grey Paw Print review

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Final Thoughts

Not really a bed but a useful mat for puppies, sick dogs and those that are prone to accidents as it's washable and feels like it will last.

Overall Score 3.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Jo

I was recommended this type of dog bed by a friend of mine who’d had success in keeping his dog warm while in the kitchen after their walks as the weather turned colder. He thought a “vet bed” would be ideal for my pooches as they are very active (and get very dirty!) and so I bought 3 of these vet beds from the Pets at Home store in Stockport as an extra to their main bed in the living room.

A bed that is washable is the most important thing to me. My Shih Tzu, Yorkie and Miniature Schnauzer aren’t exactly into ‘mud-avoidance’ and as the weather turns wetter, they bring more dirt into the house then my 6-year-old football mad lad. As my dogs are quite small, I thought I could get away with putting two down and having one to rotate with as they got dirty. As the three of them cuddled together, they seemed to fit quite comfortably on 2 beds side by side near the back door. I do like a dog bed that looks as it’s almost like part of the furniture, and to be fair this one, despite being a brand I hadn’t heard of (although I’m not too fussy about branding anyway) seemed to go with my kitchen colour scheme quite well. I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount if a dog bed is going to last and thus pay for itself in the long run and this was quite a reasonable price for its supposed durability.

I really wanted to buy this dog bed because of the promise of it being clean and hygienic and the recommendation from my friend led me to think it must be extremely durable. I have to say however that once washed just a few times, the pile almost disappears, going from fluffy to a bit matted. Plus, it gets “bits” stuck in it – you know, the usual dog detritus that follows a country walk – that comes out of my dogs, so it actually looks a bit grubby. As it does not have any sides/padding – my dogs did not seem to feel secure in it, so I have since bought a different style bed.

The main advantages of this dog bed is that it is easy to wash and dry but the disadvantages are that it is looks tatty after only a few washes and is not very cosy like a traditional bed can be.

I bought the 65x50cm which is appropriate for a Small Dog or cat.

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