Gor Pets Dream Slumber Dog Bed Review

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Final Thoughts

A lovely soft dog bed that would look nice in any home, our dog seems to feel cosy in it. Good for puppies and young dogs.

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: David

The Gor pets dream slumber grey dog bed is a lovely, soft dog bed.  It feels furry and I wish we had found this dog bed for our spaniel cross when it was a puppy as I think it would have settled quicker in those first days away from her mother.  She seems to love it (as far we can tell!) and I’m not surprised as it looks really cosy.  We opted for the medium version of this dog bed based on previous reviews we had read and I am glad we did as it is the same size as a previous ‘small’ bed we had.  Our dog dives in to her bed and thankfully this is bouncy enough to withstand this and ping back in to shape when she curls up to sleep.  It also has a non slip base which probably holds the bed back a bit but doesn’t prevent her from dragging the bed around the kitchen.  I guess she is proud of her bed ?! As it’s sides are not rigid, she can hang her head out over the sides comfortably.  As I mentioned, be careful of the sizing with this dog bed.  It does come in different options of small, medium and large but I doubt the large will be sufficient for really big breeds like German Shepherds, Great Danes etc. I’d imagine the small would only really work for tiny breeds and cats.

I’m not sure if it was just our bed, but the washing instructions don’t seem to be on the bed, so we had to refer back to the manufacturers website to confirm (it is machine washable up to 40).  Unfortunately, my wife tells me the pad at the  base of the dog bed is not removable, unlike many other standard design dog beds and so the whole bed has to be washed. This is ok because it fits in the machine but it takes longer to dry so you may need a spare bed while it is being cleaned.  We like the grey colour of the dog bed, as it goes with our neutral decor but it is also available in brown with a beige/cream inner fabric. 

It may not last forever but I think this would be a good bed for puppies as it is so soft, warm and cosy, so it would make any young dog feel secure.

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