Washable Dog Beds

Washable dog beds are the first choice for owners of mucky pups everywhere and for obvious reasons! There’s nothing worse than shelling out your hard-earned cash on a dog bed that just won’t look clean no matter what you do. Plastic dog beds are the obvious first choice as the most durable and easy to clean substance known to man but just as important is the cushion, blanket or mattress that your dog lays his weary head on. And if your dog is allergic to cleaning products the answer may be to buy a hypoallergenic dog bed cover. These are often made of a chemical-free waterproof fabric and often need no more than a wipe down with a damp cloth. If plastic is not your thing then look for something which has a wipe-clean base and removable covers. Help is at hand when you read our comprehensive dog bed reviews to find out which are the best washable dog beds.