Dog Bed Materials

We love our dogs as part of the family and just like all our family members, we want them to be able to get a comfortable night’s sleep. When it comes to choosing a bed for your dog however it seems there is a bewildering choice of materials, from memory foam dog beds to wooden dog beds to plastic dog beds. So, read on to find out a little more about which type of dog bed could be the best for your dog or puppy.

Plastic Dog Beds – solid and practical

Plastic dog beds are the solid workhorses of the bed world. They are almost, but not quite indestructible so they are possibly a better choice for those pooches and puppies that need to chew. You just have to be careful that they don’t start eating the bed itself! A plastic dog bed with cushion presents a practical option, providing comfort for a sleeping dog whilst being easy to just wipe clean. If your dog is getting on a bit in years though you may want to consider something that will support his or her old bones a little better.  Go to Reviews of plastic dog beds.

Memory Foam Dog Beds – good for painful joints 

Many dogs, large and small suffer from conditions like arthritis as they age just like we do. So, when your old dog starts to suffer you will need to pay extra attention to what kind of bed best suits him.  Memory foam is said to be beneficial for dogs with joint problems due to its supportive properties. Magnetic therapy has also long been thought of as beneficial in managing arthritis. Our best rated memory foam dog beds reviews should help you in choosing the best option for your dog.  Go to Reviews of memory foam / orthopedic dog beds. 

Crushed Velvet Dog Beds – not for hiding away

At the other end of the practicality scale why not treat your pooch to a little luxury; after all doesn’t he deserve it? Your dog could lounge like a king – or queen – in a bespoke bed made from crushed velvet – a fabric which just oozes decadence and is bang on trend right now so you can even coordinate with your decor. And because these often come in up to the minute neutral colours, a grey dog bed will fit seamlessly into your colour scheme.   Go to Reviews of velvet dog beds.

A dog bed for the kitchen?

Pug on a wicker bed

A wicker dog bed has a certain old world charm and looks perfectly adorable next to the Aga.  Although, you’ll find it less than agreeable when your vet gives you the bill for removing bits of wicker from your dog’s insides! If your mutt holds a master’s degree in chewing, then a wicker dog bed may not be the best option. In our experience a wicker dog bed is a good ‘day’ bed option as they look nice ‘on show’, however, it may be worth having another dog bed for overnight comfort and when your dog is unsupervised.  If you love the idea of a wicker basket dog bed though, reading our reviews will give you a good idea on the pros and cons.  Go to Reviews of wicker dog beds. 

Tough Beds for Tough Dogs

Some dogs just can’t seem to stay still in their beds. They squirm around, stand up, lay down again, changing position constantly and occasionally having a quick nibble of their bed when they can’t sleep. Restless dogs need a bed which can withstand a little rough treatment and leather is the toughest material you can get. Consider a faux leather dog bed for large dogs if durability and value for money are high on your list of requirements. It may not be the best choice for dogs with sparse fur like Greyhounds and Whippets as leather is not known for its thermal properties. Bear this in mind if you prefer to place your dog’s bed in a draughty or cool part of the house.   We’ve put these kind of beds in our section on Reviews of indestructible dog beds

In the Pink or in Love with Tartan?Black-pug-in-princess-bed

Small and toy breeds are a growing trend in the UK and many owners of tiny dogs such as chihuahuas and teacup Yorkies love to pamper their little fur babies. Whatever style of bed your little emperor or empress prefers, whether it is a covered bed or a mattress type bed, if it has to be a pink dog bed you will find lots to choose from. A pink faux fur dog bed will look absolutely adorable for your tiny pampered pooch; perhaps not so much for your macho Rottweiler! If colour is the main consideration then the choice is very wide; pink, green, multi-coloured and even tartan is out there and available. The choice is up to you.  Go to Reviews of beds for small dogs

Has Your Dog Joined the Country Set?

Even if you live in the town or suburbs there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the companionship of a Spaniel or Labrador, and doesn’t your dog deserve a bed befitting of a country gent? A tweed dog bed can be a very stylish yet practical option indeed and a brown tweed dog bed better still for an understated classic look. Whether town or country your dog will more than likely get wet and muddy from time to time so a dog bed with a washable cover is an absolute necessity. Check out our Reviews on tweed dog beds to see if this is right for you.

Do you need a Washable Dog Bed?

If you are lucky enough to share your life with one of those rare hounds who have an aversion to getting their feet wet and rolling around in the unmentionable then congratulate yourself on your good fortune! For everyone else, you are going to need to know which bed is best for your dog whether your pooch is the kind that loves to get mucky or whether yours is one of those that frequently soils his bed. The main consideration in this case, regardless of which type of bed you choose for your dog, has to be a dog bed with a washable cover. Even if your dog loves to sneak onto the sofa when you’re not looking you can still avoid those muddy patches appearing on your furniture through judicious use of a bed or cover that can simply be thrown into the washing machine. Our Reviews on washable dog beds should help you to decide.

When there are so many options out there for you to choose from, our independent reviews from people who have bought and tested all kinds of dog beds can help you make up your mind.