Plastic Dog Beds

Many dog owners love plastic dog beds - not least because they are so easy to keep clean and they are generally not too expensive. Even for dogs that love to chew, a plastic bed shouldn’t pose too big a problem because they are made from very thick and durable material so even your puppy is chewing for England they’ll have a hard time getting through it. And at least they won’t be chewing your favourite shoes. Their reasonable price means they are a practical choice for if you want to change your dog’s bed as he grows bigger. To keep within a low budget you can simply throw an old blanket or pillow in the bottom for added comfort and warmth but if you are prepared to spend a little more then you can buy a purpose made plastic dog bed with a cushion. These will usually be made from washable polyester or nylon or other synthetic mix. If you are wondering whether a plastic bed is right for your dog then take a look at our in-depth reviews below.