Wooden Dog Beds

Wood may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a dog bed, but if you are ready to perhaps pay a little more for a good quality wooden dog bed then you’ll be surprised at the huge choice that there is. The beauty of wood is that it is durable as well as attractive, and some of the best ones are made from solid oak. Others will be made from pine, which is equally attractive but may not last as long as a bed constructed from oak. What you often get is a wooden framework which is slightly raised off the floor so your dog can easily get in and out and you can easily clean underneath it. All you need to add is a comfortable mattress with removable cover in snazzy tartan, pink, grey or whatever colour you prefer.  A corduroy dog bed often looks great in a wooden frame surround but whatever kind of mattress you use a fleece dog bed replacement cover is a value for money choice, being easy to wash as well as cosy and warm for your dog. Before you splash out your hard-earned cash read on to see what our reviewers think about wooden dog beds.