Puppy Beds

It's an exciting time getting a new puppy but it can be quite distressing for a puppy to leave it's mother.  One thing you can do to try to make this transition as smooth as possible is to make sure you have a puppy dog bed that is fluffy, cosy and warm.  Many breeders will give you a puppy blanket, vet bed or comforter with the mother's scent on.  This is a great idea and something you should definitely keep in the puppy's bed especially for those first few nights.  We would also recommend initially having a soft and furry bed with sides rather than a flat mattress as this will make them feel more secure.  Puppies like to chew as their teeth develop and unfortunately, the more robust dog beds are often not the cosiest.  If you have the budget, we would recommend a soft, smaller bed for the first few months and once this has inevitably been destroyed and your puppy has become more confident and boisterous, opt for something indestructible and larger so they can stretch out.  Read some of our reviews of the best Puppy Beds below: