Vet Bed

Vet bed is the term used for the tough, durable bedding that vets use in their post-surgery recovery and treatment rooms. It is made from double-strength polyester and is of a construction which allows not only extra warmth but increased airflow around the animal to avoid over-heating and discomfort. This is what makes vetbed such a good choice for elderly dogs or dogs which may be suffering from joint problems or aching muscles as it can be used as a dog bed liner or crate liner. The fabric also incorporates excellent drainage properties which means that should your ill or senior pooch have an ‘oops’ moment he will still be comfortable rather than wet. You can then quite happily throw the vetbed into the washing machine as many times as you want. Vetbed is said to have anti-fungal properties and is non-allergenic so may be a good choice for dogs with skin conditions.    Vet Bed is also great for puppies as it is absorbent, washable and soft and comforting. Read our reviews to see what other dog owners think about vetbed.