Memory Foam / Orthopedic Dog Beds

Memory foam has long been used for dog beds because of its many beneficial properties. This type of foam moulds to the shape of the dog for optimum comfort and support which is particularly helpful for dogs with painful joints.  Often called 'orthopaedic dog beds' for that reason, you will need to choose one which is correct for the size of your dog so as to get the most benefit. Because of the dense composition of memory foam it has the advantage of being fairly difficult for fleas and bugs to infiltrate. The other side of the coin is that the thickness of it means it is difficult to clean so if you’re looking to choose a memory foam dog bed get one with a removable, washable cover. Memory foam is known to hold in heat so if your pooch is prone to overheating then it may not be the best choice. Read our reviews to see what other dog owners are saying about memory foam dog beds and orthopaedic dog beds - it'll help you understand what type seems to suit which breeds.