Raised Dog Beds reviews

There are a number of companies that manufacture dog beds that are raised off the ground. They are produced in a number of different styles and sizes suitable for a good number of different breeds of dog. The raised dog bed may consist of a framework with a mattress on top or could also be a dog bed that is simply more built up and therefore further away from the floor. This type of dog bed offers your dog a good distance between itself and the cold floor and any draughts that might find their way into your home, especially at night. When looking at raised dog beds it is important to consider any medical conditions that your dog might suffer from and also any issues with their breed as the raised height will not be suitable for every dog. Raised dog beds can also be a good option for dogs who sleep outdoors in kennels to reduce drafts and damp which can lead to poor health. Below you will find reviews of the best dog beds for size and breed of dog.