Types of Dog Beds

A Buyer’s Guide

There are so many different types of dog bed that you may find it hard to choose which one would be perfect for your dog. Dog beds come in all sorts of  types but if you watch how your dog sleeps, you’ll be able to pick the right bed for your dog, depending on many different factors such as, if they like to curl up or if they love stretching out, whether they slobber, or whether they’re fond of mud, whether they feel the heat or cold, or whether they like to chew!  Reading on will give you some ideas on what to consider when you’re looking for types of dog bed to suit your pooch, from a dog snuggle bed to tough dog beds and everything in between.

Mucky Pup? Consider Waterproof and Washable Dog Beds

Dirty dog - washable dog beds

Many people love taking their dog on their great outdoor adventures, whether this is camping or just a walk in the local woodland, but not all dog beds are suitable for dogs that spend a lot of time outside. If your dog is getting a little older (or a little more incontinent, you might want to consider this type too). A waterproof dog bed tends to be made of a more durable material than the softer, more cushioned ones which prevents it getting penetrating damp (and smell), and some are able to just be wiped clean. A plastic dog bed is easy to clean and disinfect too – but make sure you get a dog-friendly cleaner to use with it. A washable dog bed can be thrown in the washing machine as some have detachable covers – another option for those that can’t stand that wet-dog smell! Our washable dog bed and waterproof dog bed reviews will help you select the right type of dog bed to keep your dog’s bed lovely and clean!

For the Discerning Dog – Luxury and Designer Dog Beds

Yorkshire terrier in luxury bed

Is your dog a pampered pooch? Or do you want something that will look great in your lounge? It’s no secret that many dog owners call their dogs their ‘babies’ and if yours is a pampered princess (or prince) then only luxury dog beds or designer dog beds will do. Luxury and designer dog brands have created numerous different styles of designer dog bed to match any home, from contemporary to traditional, as well as providing luxurious comfort for your pooch. A word of warning though – if your dog is a chewer or likes to roll around in mud, these do tend to be a little less durable than some other beds – and you might not want to have to replace luxury dog beds UK often because of the cost. Go straight to Reviews of luxury dog beds

Dog sofabeds – Comfortable and fashionable

Dogs on sofa

Whether you want your dog to be as comfortable as you are of an evening, or want something to fit in with your décor, you’re sure to find a dog sofabed or dog couch bed to suit your needs.  You can place a dog sofabed or couch in your living room, allowing your dog to seek comfort in the same room as you, all whilst keeping them off your couch.  Reviews of dog sofabeds.

The Benefits of Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog bed

Raised dog beds are exactly what they say they are – an elevated dog bed that lies above the floor. A raised bed suits dogs with a range of needs – as well as owners who prefer a bed they can clean under more easily. Hair tends to fall through to the floor below, where it can easily be vacuumed or swept up. If you have a dog that likes to chew, you’ll likely find a raised dog bed a godsend, as they are much more chew resistant but still comfortable for your dog to sleep on. These tend to suit larger breeds such as Labradors, but some smaller breeds love them too. If your dog has a tendency to overheat, you might find these work well here too – as the air can pass under them, you’ll find they stay cooler than the more cushion based ones. Our Reviews of raised dog beds should help you find the best bed for your dog.

Getting Comfort from Orthopedic Dog Beds

As our dogs grow older, some of them have problems such as arthritis and Hip Dysplasia. Some of the most common breeds that suffer Hip Dysplasia are German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers and Labradors and the right orthopedic dog bed can make all the difference to them. Orthopaedic dog beds can help support your pet’s aching joints by taking off the pressure, but they are also good for also for breeds such as greyhounds and whippets, where they need the extra support for their thin and bony frames. Orthopedic beds will usually have a memory foam mattress as this help your dog get a pain free night’s sleep and some will have a heating element. Choosing the right bed for your dog will likely require a little research, so the Reviews of orthopedic dog beds on the site are likely to be a real help to you.  

Igloo and Cave Dog Beds – For dogs that love to hibernate

Igloo dog bed

If you have a highly stressed dog, or one who enjoys their ‘alone time’ then an igloo dog bed or cave bed could be just what you need. A dog igloo bed or dog cave bed is essentially a covered dog bed, and they come in lots of different styles such as houses, teepees and cubes. They are perfect at making your dog feel protected and comfortable and for dogs that like to hide away sometimes. Other reasons to consider igloo dog beds or cave dog beds are if your pooch sleeps in one of the cooler rooms in your home – they’ll be able to keep warm inside as there’s less air circulation, allowing them to sleep comfortably in cooler rooms without you having to put the heating on!  Go here for Reviews of igloo and cave dog beds.

Cooling Dog Beds for overheaters

If your pooch is panting in the summer and just can’t seem to get comfy, then a cooling dog bed can make all the difference. If you notice them panting and laying on a cold surface, then it’s a sure sign that they can’t cool down as easily as they want to. Some dog breeds are just prone to overheating; Bulldogs, Pugs Shih Tzu and French Bulldogs to name but a few, and for these breeds and others, cooling dog beds can be a great solution.

Dog cooling down.

Cooling beds look more like a mat rather than a bed, and they can be placed inside your dog’s usual bed. Sometimes they come as a full bed and will have a memory foam pad already built in with the cooling part of the bed. These beds are not suitable for all dogs as some dogs feel the cold more than others. Reading our reviews will help you decide if your dog needs one of these.

Crate Dog Beds for when they want to be alone!

chihuahua in crate

Dog crates come in all sizes to suit the size of your dog and they have many advantages, including the largest one – they can become your dog’s safe place, just like their very own room. Crating your dog isn’t for everyone, but can encourage your dog not to mess where they would be sleeping, which is perfect for if you have a puppy or a rescue dog. They can be useful in other ways too. It’s inevitable that sometimes your dog may need to be left by themselves for a period of time and this is when some dogs will get up to the most trouble – a crate will limit what damage they can cause and as most crate beds are chewproof, a chewproof dog bed means you won’t be likely to come back to much mess.  We’ve put cushion and mattress reviews here for the best crate beds. 

Heated Dog Beds for Winter Warmth

As we get towards winter, smaller and older dogs can really begin to feel the cold. Tiny dogs that really feel the cold such as teacup and toy dogs would benefit the most from a heated dog bed as well as those with orthopedic needs and older dogs as they heat encourages blood flow to the joints. Heated dog beds work like an electric blanket and are extremely safe for your dog and home. Some of them will have a self-heating element, while some will work on electrics. If your dog feels the cold, then the kindest thing for them is to make sure they have a comfortable warm place to sleep. Why not look at our reviews to see different variations available.

Vet beds – useful for puppies too

Labrador at vets

Vet beds are generally used by vets and kennels to make dogs feel secure, safe and warm, but they are also suitable for using in your home as well and have many advantages. Vet beds, often in the form of a mat, generally, have a high fibre density, which is ideal for retaining heat whilst allowing air to flow which is perfect if your dog has joint problems such as arthritis or has had surgery and needs to rest. They can also be a great security blanket for puppies and can be placed in their crates at night to keep them snuggly and warm.  If your pet of any age is prone to toilet accidents whilst on the vet bed, it has unique properties which mean you can drain the bed and they can also be machine washed afterwards. Vet beds are perfect for a dog that is post-surgery too, allowing your pet to recover at home in comfort and warmth, as well as allowing you to easily clear up after them.   We’ve put the Reviews of vet beds here

With a wealth of options such as dog bunk beds, personalised dog beds, car dog beds and more, you’ll need to do some research before you buy. Hopefully, the independent reviews on our site will help you pick the best donut dog bed, indestructible dog bed, or even crate dog bed for your four legged friends.