Indestructible Dog Beds

We have no doubt that there are those exasperated dog owners who will tell us there is no such thing as an indestructible dog bed, but for those who are looking for the perfect dog bed that won’t be destroyed in seconds read on. It is entirely possible to get a chew-proof bed for your pooch and what you need to look for are those made from strong polyester which is resistant to even the most determined chewers. This type is often of solid construction with a waterproof and washable cover and futon type mattress. A bed with a metal frame will also foil most chew addicts and will be strong enough to support the heaviest of dogs. The advantage of an indestructible bed is that it can prevent your dog from chewing and eating something that could make him very ill indeed. They may be more expensive than a standard dog bed but will cost you less in the long-term as they should last for years and will stop you having to replace your dog bed every few months.  We’ve listed the best indestructible dog beds our reviewers have bought here: