Tweed Dog Beds

Tweed never really goes out of style, and luckily there is lots of choice for those looking for a stylish tweed dog bed. The best tweed is, of course, produced in the UK and the traditional Harris Tweed dog bed will add a touch of classic country style to any home. Tweed is a completely natural fabric, made from wool and with a soft, open, often herringbone weave pattern. It was originally invented to help Scottish farmers endure freezing temperatures and harsh conditions so it stands to reason that the sheer durability of it is second to none. Coloured wools are mixed together to give tweed its distinctive appearance and the colours most often featured are brown, green and blue. By choosing a tweed dog bed you will be giving your pooch the gift of comfortable sleep for many years to come. Our comprehensive reviews, written by people who have gone out and bought tweed dog beds can help you to choose the best dog bed for you and your pooch.