Petface Memory Foam Microfibre Care Mat Dog Bed Review (XX Large)

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Final Thoughts

A great travel memory foam dog bed or a dog crate mat. Soft, cosy and comes in a variety of sizes.

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Mark

We bought this dog bed mat to line the boot of our car to protect it from mucky paws and provide our 2 lively dogs (a Labrador & Cockapoo) with a comfy place to sleep when we are travelling.  We were looking for something that was easy to clean, durable and not too expensive and so far this seems to fit the bill.  The cover is machine washable which at this time of year is so handy as the dogs jump in to the car after a walk absolutely filthy. It does take a little time to dry after washing.  On first sight, my daughter asked ‘ why are the dogs sleeping on a giant mop?!’  and I must admit it does look like a cross between rug and a microfibre mop.


Both dogs comfortably fit on the XX Large mat and have seemed to prefer sleeping on this rather than their individual, traditional dog beds.   I probably could have gone for the smaller (& cheaper) X Large mat but this one allows them to really stretch out and we have a large boot to cover.  So far our 2 year old Cockapoo has not chewed this either, which is unheard of.  Fingers crossed, she won’t start nibbling.  I must admit the inner memory foam does not look too appealing which could work in our favour.  It certainly isn’t as thick and appealing as one of our memory foam pillows but they seem to like it which is all that matters.  We are also so relieved that we won’t need to take our other dog beds with us in the car when we travel to the in-laws this Christmas as more space, means more presents!

This Dog bed mat, available at Argos, is actually marketed as a dog crate mat, as it is soft, cosy and is made of absorbent materials to easily soak up moisture and I wish we had known about it a couple of years ago when our dogs were puppies.  As they love to be together, we no longer use a crate but I would definitely recommend this as a crate mat too.  The final thing I have noticed is that unlike standard rugs, this mat is non slip which is good as it does not move around easily even on our tiled kitchen floor.

Overall, I think this is a great dog mat bed.  I’m really pleased we bought it.  The size is perfect for several dogs to sleep together and it is a good travel option.  My dogs are very happy. My only negative, is given the quality of the materials it probably is quite expensive but if it lasts a year, I will be happy and I think it will be well worth the investment.

This Petface Dog mat is also available in sizes Small, Medium, Large & X Large.  The XX Large measures H5, W137, D86cm.

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