Pets at Home Square Fleece Dog Bed review

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Final Thoughts

A great value, comfy bed but just check the sizings.

Overall Score 4.5
Ease of care
Value for money
Reviewed by: Ross

We bought this Pets at Home Square Fleece Dog Bed awhile ago to replace an older dog bed that was falling to pieces.  We’ve had the bed 2 years now and our Schnauzer, Archie, seems to like it!

We chose this bed as it was a reasonable price for a large washable dog bed of nice appearance.  It looks really soft and snuggly and most importantly, Archie is a fan! It is his go-to place in the evening when we are in the lounge watching TV.  He is allowed to join us on the sofa if he wants, but usually he prefers to snuggle down in his dog bed, just at the end of the sofa.

He also likes to play with it sometimes, getting it out and wrestling with it.

We particularly like the fact we can just drop it in the washing machine, and it comes out looking almost like new.  The only thing is does take a while to dry because of the filling.  For the price, this is a durable dog bed There are some holes  appearing in it, but we think that is really quite good after 2 years.  It will last another year yet I would guess.

The only negatives I would say is that it may not be for young pups as it probably isn’t upto more robust playing.  Archie is 8 years old although still quite lively.  Also, for a large bed, I really wouldn’t want to put a large dog in it.  Archie is approximately 20kg, and it is just the right size for him.

Overall, we have found this to be a great value, comfy bed and so we will get another one when it finally expires!


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