Crufts – Are their dog beds prize-winning?

Crufts Dog Show - Crufts Dog Beds

The world’s biggest dog show took place this week in Birmingham and with 27,000 dogs and puppies taking part, that’s a lot of dog beds needed.

Which dog beds do prize-winning pooches rest their precious heads on?

Of course it very much depends on the size and breed of the dog.  BBC News breakdown the breeds of dog entering the competition and it’s interesting reading.  Out of 220 different breeds entered into the show,  by far the most popular breed is retrievers: golden retrievers make up over 500 of the entries, followed closely by labradors.  Whippets, cocker spaniels and Staffordshire bull terriers come 3rd, 4th and 5th in the list and the rest of the top ten are made up with other spaniel, collies and terrier breeds.


If you’re the owner of a well-behaved retriever your dog bed needs are going to be very different from an energetic terrier, or a cute papillon like the 2019 winning dog, Dylan.

The dog show in fact put their name to their own range of Crufts dog beds  – which after 128 years of judging and understanding dogs could make for the perfect dog bed.


Crufts Dog BedThe Crufts Waterproof  (Oxford) Padded Pet Bed is their main offering available from Amazon – a robust and washable dog bed which comes in three sizes.   

Is it any good?  Would we recommend it?   

Well, it’s durable and practical which are big benefits as far as we’re concerned.  It’s also a surprisingly cheap dog bed – starting at £13 for a small size so it doesn’t have the price tag you’d think for carrying the name ‘Crufts’.   It also doesn’t have the ‘luxury’ / award-winning look that you might expect though.

We’d give it a 4*  –  it’s a very good value, tough dog bed but just lacks a little bit of class.




If you’re after a bit of luxury or something cosier, surprisingly Crufts don’t offer much in the way of choice.  Our reviews of the best luxury dog beds on the market may help you here.


What other Crufts dog products do we like?

Where we think Crufts perform best is in their additional products to keep dogs comfortable.  Their heated pads to keep your dog warm are excellent: soft, fluffy and work very well.
Or the self-cooling mats to avoid dogs overheating in the summer –  sensible purchases for everyone,  good value and also useful for puppy training.

Crufts Self heating PadWe liked the very cosy, 4-layered self-heating dog pad from Crufts –  great value at £7 from Amazon and keeps your dog warm.



Crufts Self Cooling MatCrufts do a good cooling mat also £7 available from Amazon.



We’re always on the look out for more dog bed news – so please contact us if you’ve tried out a different Crufts dog-bed, or have an award winning dog!